Developer Manual

The development of OpenSubmit is coordinated on GitHub. We need help in everything. Feel free to join us.

The central Makefile is a good starting point. It supports several targets for preparing a development environment:

make venv
Prepares a virtualenv with all neccessary packages for packaging and running OpenSubmit.
make runserver
Perform all neccessary preparations to run the Django development server. This includes the creation of a configuration file, the execution of the neccessary database creation / migration steps and the startup of the server.
make tests
Run the test suite.
make coverage
Run test suite and create code coverage analysis.
make docs
Build the HTML documentation.
make build
Create Python installation packages (wheels).
make docker-build
Create Docker images for web application and executors.
make docker
Run Docker containers for the web application, executors and a PostgreSQL database.

Writing documentation

The OpenSubmit manuals are hosted on ReadTheDocs and are generated with Sphinx. You find the according .rst files in the docs/ folder.